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What is a Fish Here Map

Fish Here Map FAQ

1. How do I receive my map?

When your map is ready the "Fish Here" icon at the top of the page will be flashing. Click on the flashing icon and it will take you to your map. I also E-Mail them but I am not responsible if you did not receive it vie e-mail. Spam filters and e-mail issues are beyond my control. If receiving e-mail from this site is a problem I would suggest whitelisting SaltwaterCentral.Com and SSTWebsites.Net in your email control panel.

2. I did not receive my map vie e-mail and I am pissed?

See the previous question. E-Mail is beyond my control. Plan on checking the site to receive your "Fish Here" Map.

3. I put the wrong date...species....notes in my request. Can you....bla bla bla.

No, but you can. Hit the Cancel Button. The site will give you a credit. Then make a new request.

4. What time will get my map?

I try to have them done around 9:00pm. Some nights it is just plan busy and it takes time to do them all but I try to get them done by around 9:00pm.

5. What does the RED X mean to the left of the request form?

That means that maps are NOT available for that day. I most likely fishing and will not be around during that time. Also see Question #14

6. What does "Late" mean on the dates to the left of the request form?

Late means the map will be late. It means it will be there sometime before you go fishing in the morning. It might be at 11:00pm or it might be a 3:00am. If that is too late for you then I am sorry I could not help you.

7. When do I need to order my map?

It would be nice to have the list the day before so I can plan how much time it will take me to do all of them. With that being said I will try to fill any requests I get before I start creating them.

8. Will it help you if I e-mail, Pm or call you 100 times asking what time my map is going to be here?

No. I will slow me down and break my concentration.

9. Can I get my map by 5:00pm instead of 9:00pm?

No, but you can get the map the day before around 9:00pm.

10. What if I order my map late?

If I have created one that covers that area and that species then I will be more than happy to send it to you but I will not go create any NEW maps once I have started the process.

As an example....If you are fishing out of Beaufort Inlet for Mahi and I have all ready created a Beaufort Inlet-Mahi map then I will send it to you any time I get the request. If you request a map for Little River - mahi and I had no other requests then I will will just issue you a credit to use on another day.

11. I did not go fishing can I have a Refund/Credit?

It is according to when you cancel the request. If you cancel BEFORE i start the process of creating the map for you...Yes I will give you a credit. If you cancel after I have stated to create it then NO.

The reasoning behind this if I did the work, I should be paid for the work I have completed.

12. How do I cancel my Map Request?

Click on the "Fish Here" icon at the top of the Screen and just above the form that you fill out to request a new map there will be a Cancel Button. Click Cancel and you will be given a "Credit" to use on another day.

13. I am going Grouper - Snappper - Bottom Fishing, Can I have some of your numbers?

No but I will be happy to tell you in what area to look. Gags, Scamps and Reds all move around over the coarse of a year. I can tell you what areas to look in along with some of the known numbers in Supermap but you have to supply your own numbers in that area after that.

14. You have X Date marked as "Not Available"...I would like a map for that day. Can you do it?

All the dates marked as Not Available is because I am not somewhere I can physically create the maps. I am fishing. I am out of town. Something. If you still would like a map for that day, I can do it the day before. Example...Maps are not available for Sunday. I can create a map looking forward to Sunday on Friday Night and send it along with the Saturday Maps. Are they as accurate? No. Are they better than flying blind? Yes.

Make the request for Saturday. In the Notes put in CAPS...MAP FOR SUNDAY along with whatever notes you have and I will creat ethe map Friday night and send it Friday night along with the Saturday maps.

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